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tel.: +375 (165) 34-66-05
tel./fax: +375 (165) 35-01-61

Articles of national

  Table Oilcloth

  Decorative Oilcloths "VinylLight"

  Cloth from a Table Oilcloth

  Oilcloth medical  


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Industrial articles

  PVC film   

  Haberdashery VinylisLeather

  Upholstery VinylisLeather

  Binding Materials

  Awning Materials

  Mine Flexible Ventilation Pipes

  Shelters for chisel installations

  Plasticat PoliVinylisHlorid

  Decorative Materials of

 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" is located in Pinsk, the Brest area of the Republic of Belarus.

 The factory history began in 1958 with the release of the first party of photo cases from an artificial skin. All these years the enterprise has developed, new manufactures have appeared.

 In 1995 the state enterprise OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" was reorganised in the public limited company.

 At the moment the factory lets out wide assortment both of consumer goods and production of industrially-technical appointment on a basis of suspension and emulsion of polyvinylchloride:

- PVC film

- Table Oilcloth

- Vinyl leather: haberdashery, upholstery

- Decorative Oilcloths "VinylLight"

- Binding Material

- Awning Material

- Decorative Materials

- Cut plates

- Hoses of PVC of Various Diameters

- Mine Flexible Ventilation Pipes.

- Plasticat PoliVinylisHlorid

 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" is the winner of the competitions "the Best goods of the republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation"in a nomination "Industrial and technological production" - on the ventilating mine pipe, in a nomination "Consumer goods" - on the table cloth.

 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" has the conformity certificate on the quality management system according to requirements STB ISO 9001-2015 №BY / 11205.01.01900192 is effective from 29.06.2018. to 29.06.2021.