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  Shelters for chisel installations
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       The enterprise has possibility to make shelter, bed curtains and coverlets from trumpet vinylisleather and awning material under drawings and with skeletons of the customer with the broached method of the area up to 50 m. sq.


Awning shelters for chisel installations

        Awning shelters are intended for protection of attendants and the equipment placed in technological blocks of mobile installations for drilling and major repairs of chinks, from influence of an atmospheric precipitation, exhaust gases of internal combustion engines and maintenance of normal meteorological conditions for equipment and attendants work.

        Awning shelters are made from burning with difficulty material, for operation in temperature ranging from -30 to +30 . Physical and mechanical indicators of material correspond to GOST 29151-91.

        Awning material is steady against influence of atmospheric precipitation and wind loadings, aggressive environments and steams (influence of oils, acids, alkalis).

        Shelters are mounted on metal skeletons and fasten to elements of a skeleton by means of belt fasteners, cringles and cords.

        Shelters structurally provide access possibility to the served equipment.

        Shelters provide the greatest possible degree of tightness for preservation of heat in technological blocks during the winter period of time.
In a design of shelters presence of the light windows providing normal visibility in blocks in the daytime is provided.

        Awning shelters are made of any sizes and designs according to metal skeletons of the customer.