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GOST 9998-86

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The PVC film is the special material possessing such useful properties, as durability, stability to punctures and abrasion, thermoplasticity, moisture resistance, frost resistance and ecological cleanness.
The PVC film represents the thermoplastic material made from plasticized PVC by calendering method.


Depending on appointment it is possible manufacturing of a film for a lining of notions products, for the paper-clean goods, for decorative-household products, for upholstery of cabins auto and agricultural machinery, for advertising and polygraph industry.

PVC films are used in manufacture of packing of textile and industrial products, cosmetics, perfumery, means of hygiene, household chemical goods, pharmaceutical products, children's toys, and also in manufacture of blister packing, the writing goods, covers on documents etc.

Films are issued of various colors and stampings.
Width: from 900 mm to 1450 mm;
Thickness: from 0, 10 mm to 1, 00 mm.



Rolls in length on 50 l.. Packed in polymer film providing safety of production at its transportation.


Isn't subject to obligatory certification.