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  Table Oilcloth

  Decorative Oilcloths "VinylLight"

  Cloth from a Table Oilcloth

  Oilcloth medical  


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Industrial articles

  PVC film   

  Haberdashery VinylisLeather

  Upholstery VinylisLeather

  Binding Materials

  Awning Materials

  Mine Flexible Ventilation Pipes

  Shelters for chisel installations

  Plasticat PoliVinylisHlorid

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 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" is the basic enterprise in the Republic of Belarus making artificial materials on a basis of suspension and emulsion of polyvinylchloride.

 For 50 years from the date of factory foundation, thanks to creativity, knowledge and skill of our collective, the enterprise has proved as the reliable and solid partner.

 Factory production, both for industrial function, and national consumption, is widely known not only in the republic, but also abroad.

 The factory has a network of firm sections and shops.

 For increase in steady demand at let out production the enterprise collective actively improves the "know-how", expands assortment of products and raises their quality and competitiveness.

 The public limited company OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" totals more than 140 workers (31.07.21), the majority from which is highly skilled experts.

We are interested in expansion of a dealer network and we offer cooperation on production distribution to all interested persons.

 Factory representation in the Russian Federation is Public limited company "RusBelTex" in Moscow, www.rusbeltex.ru

 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" is the winner of the competitions "the Best goods of the republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation" in a nomination "Industrial and technological production" - on the ventilating mine pipe, in a nomination "Consumer goods" - on the table cloth.

 OJSC "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" has the conformity certificate on the quality management system according to requirements STB ISO 9001-2015 No.BY / 11205.01.01900192 is effective from 29.06.2018. to 29.06.2021.

PVC Plastic

Various colors available

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Binding material

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Website "Brest free economik zone"



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JSC "Iskozh" informs on holding 03.29.2016 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.



JSC "Iskozh" informs on holding 29.03.2016 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders .



We invite to 14 international exhibition fair "Brest. Commonwealth-2012" which will pass in Brest from April 26 to April 28, 2012.


We invite to visit our stand at the 30th international exhibition fair В«Beltekslegprom. Spring-2012В» on wholesale of the goods of the light and textile industry which will take place on April 3-5, 2012 in Minsk in the NVTs "BELEKSPO" exhibition halls.


New drawings of an oilcloth of a dining room are let out


New drawings of an oilcloth of a dining room are let out


We invite to visit our stand at 29th international exhibition-fair "BelTEKSlegprom" on wholesale of the goods of the easy and textile industry which will take place on October, 4-7th, 2011 in the exhibition pavilions of the NEC "BelExpo" situated in Minsk, Belarus.


New drawings of an oilcloth of a dining room are let out


New drawings of an oilcloth of a dining room are let out

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