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  Investment project
Articles of national

  Table Oilcloth

  Decorative Oilcloths "VinylLight"

  Cloth from a Table Oilcloth

  Oilcloth medical  


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Industrial articles

  PVC film   

  Haberdashery VinylisLeather

  Upholstery VinylisLeather

  Binding Materials

  Awning Materials

  Mine Flexible Ventilation Pipes

  Shelters for chisel installations

  Plasticat PoliVinylisHlorid

  Decorative Materials of


Current price list:

Price list (download)

Equipment for sale:

Equipment for sale (download)

- Prices are not fixed and depend from:
- Volume of deliveries
- Regularity of deliveries
- Situations in the market as a whole.

- We work:
- On 100 % to an advance payment
- Under contracts of delivery and dealer contracts.

- For steady customers:
- payment delay is possible
- partial advance payment
- payment after delivery of production
  on a warehouse of the buyer.

- Flexible individual approach to each client.

Contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will agree on everything.

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